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Our Regions

ESAD has 8 different regions within the state. Each region has its own representative serving its own region. They are as follows: Niagara, Finger Lakes, Central, Capital, Southern Tier, North Country, Hudson Valley and Downstate.

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Resource Center for Accessible Living, Inc

Bridges Sponsors

Founded in 1983, RCAL belongs to a network of approximately 41 Independent Living Centers scattered throughout New York State. RCAL‘s founder, Joan Gundersen, saw a real need for education and advocacy after an accident left her with a permanent disability. Today, RCAL continues to advocate for the rights and needs of individuals of all ages with disabilities.

The mission of Independent Living Centers is to enhance the ability of persons with all types of disabilities to determine their own destinies, participate in all aspects of society and contribute to and share their responsibility in community life.

Deaf Access Services/People Inc

Bridges Sponsors

Deaf Adult Services (DAS) was established in 1983 by a group of committed volunteers interested in the welfare of the Deaf community. DAS was set up as an independent not for profit organization and continues to be the only agency of its kind serving the eight counties of Western New York.

In 2014, DAS changed its name to Deaf Access Services, to expand their focus to not only adults, but children and families in Western New York.

In February 2019, Deaf Access Services formed an affiliation with People Incorporated in order to meet the growing needs of the WNY Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

In December 19, 2022, Deaf Access Services has merged and became a program of People Inc.

Vancro Integrated Interpreting Services

Interpreter Sponsor / Bridge Sponsor

Vancro has worked hard to become a leader in in providing Interpreting services nationwide. We have a primary focus on federal and govenment Interpreting needs. Always in consideration are our three stakeholders: the requester of services, the people who are utilizing the Interpreters and the Interpreters who are providing the service. For Vancro to provide exceptional service, each stakeholder is considered. To that end, we have made quality assurance and customer service integral in our Interpreter provision. This focus sets us apart from other agencies or companies that provide Interpreters.

Whole Me Inc.

Advocate Sponsor

WHOLE ME, Inc. provides programs and services focusing on the whole person; each participant is given an array of opportunities,  including personal and professional skills that will enhance everyday living.

Southwestern Association of the Deaf

Booster Sponsor

Southwestern Association of the Deaf (SWAD) was known as Association for the Hearing Impaired (AHI) in 1972 by the parents who have Deaf children.

In 1989- the community changed it to Southwestern Association of the Deaf then it became an affirmation of ESAD in 1991.

SWAD continues to have activities monthly and have meetings.

Deaf-Blind Training, Interpreting & Professional Development

Corporate Membership 2022-Present

Value Statement
The New York DeafBlind Collaborative (NYDBC) believes that all individuals, including those who are deafblind, have the right to lead a full and rewarding life. All individuals should have access to the necessary skills and supports that provide them with the opportunity to do so.

Mission Statement
The mission of the New York DeafBlind Collaborative (NYDBC) is to achieve measurable improvements in the quality of life for deafblind children and youth throughout New York State. NYDBC will do so through the provision of needs-based technical assistance, training, and support to key agencies, personnel, and families. These initiatives will lead to an enhanced service delivery system, one providing quality, person-centered services responsive to the unique needs of children and youth who are deafblind.

Empire State Association of the Deaf